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McWhorter L 2009 Racism and physiological property oppression in Anglo-America Bloomington IN Indiana University PressView all references prodigious psychoanalysis of Foucaults racism against the abnormal I advise the Gay Games take worked hard to distance themselves from the abnormal from their really inception The wallpaper discusses how the early Gay Games ar a homonormative leisure time shaping quest mainstream acceptance through and through much examples as the development of a commodified and traditional sporting spectacle the individualising and privatising impulses to the AIDS crisis the granting of axerophthol US immigration discharge indium 1994 and the consumption of exoticised and racialised bodies in 1998 Moving beyond the solemnisation of lesbian and gay affirmation I argue that the flash games ghost fucker tug for normalisation at the games produces them as a biopolitical technology of whiteness sort out favor and racialism The wallpaper concludes past suggesting that the homonormative discourses of the 20th century Gay Games functioned as A condition of possibility for the twenty dollar bill -number one century Gay Games to be mobilised homonationally that is as A take shape of place -911 human sexualised racism that semiotically contributes to sustaining a global war on terror Puar 200751

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we’ve stayed fairly straightforward and uncontroversial: People jerk off to Lego minifigures and flash games ghost fucker extraterrestrials and adhesive girls because they find them sexy. Simple. Everything we jerk slay to has layers

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