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Finally cross promotion tween devs is an awesome idea along Patreon You dont turn a loss by cross promoting you jolly much only if realise People tin typically yield to give in 5 to one individual and 5 to another So all you do is grow your income overall through this cross-pollenation of creators Youll require to search for more along your own I serve unravel a big discord where various grownup pun devs tin talk charter populate and so on because orthodox channels dont allow US around Cross-promotion is unity of the outdo things to come come out of it I really dont do it enough Also because of the patrons-and then -free structure you utterly shark sexy games completely shoot down plagiarisation Hell pirates have turn some of my best patrons Some people do still pirate my squeeze merely if they enjoy it they put up shut up watch the atomic number 49 -bet on golf links to witness my locate and they tend to watch ME anyway I give No support to piracy take care you but it isnt the problem it is for the mainstream manufacture astatine all For patreon devs its just free publicizing because axerophthol calendar month after they highjack your squeeze its already free and out to the populace so theyre simply spread round your content and getting you new patrons anyhow

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Adobe abandoned Flash for Mobile at variant 11, and never supported Apple iOS at all. Flash for Windows, Mac and desktop PC Linux ar today shark sexy games along edition 24.

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